Mission and Aims

The global rise of neurodegenerative disorders calls for equitable, scalable approaches to identify and characterize patients. Linguistic tools, including automated speech analysis, are a low-cost, culture-sensitive asset to capture early markers of these conditions. Yet, the field is undermined by a neglect of non-English speakers and cross-linguistic/cross-dialectal studies. Considering the vast variety of languages and cultures worldwide, integrative cross-national efforts can foster a fairer development of neurolinguistic markers for diagnosis and treatment. Include pursues this overarching objective, focusing on four specific aims:

  1. Fostering cross-linguistic research on brain disorders to reveal language-specific and typologically generalizable markers.
  2. Promoting language diversity in brain health studies.
  3. Supporting the creation of cross-linguistically and cross-culturally valid tools for research and clinical purposes.
  4. Amplifying the field’s visibility for diverse audiences via dissemination actions.